• Enter the world
    you have always dreamed of

  • The most exclusive retreat,
    where tranquility
    is the true luxury

  • Arriving in Punta Garrobo
    is like getting home


82 hectares (202 acres) of lush vegetation, with private residential lots and boutique hotel and an infinite mirror of majestic blue sea at your feet.

Nestled among the green foothills of the southern Sierra Madre mountains, alongside a gorgeous bay crowned by the legendary El Faro lighthouse, this incredible setting is defined by its panoramic views and stunning sunsets.

The design and materials of the development all pay tribute to this special environment, minimizing impact to the land and preserving a proper balance between the community and the unspoiled beach. In this enclave, every interaction is influenced by the four elements of nature existing in harmony - all for the enjoyment of those who live here. Where the ocean meets the sky, you find your center. 


- 99 lots situated among the cliff sides
- Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean
- Generously sized lots ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 square feet
- Ready to build
- Architectural style reflecting the character of homes throughout the Mexican Pacific
- Fully-equipped with all modern conveniences
- Ready for immediate development

Every space, a new feeling to discover between relaxation and meditation

The sound of the waves is the background music that accompanies you through each day that passes here. Share this privilege with family and friends to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this exclusive corner of Mexico’s prestigious west coast.

If you have been searching for an experience that will change your perspective on the world, or if you have been seeking to escape from the stress and repetition of everyday life... this natural, sheltered paradise is the ideal answer. Here, the only thing that matters is your connection to the elements. Keep silent and allow the waves, birds, cliffs and jungle to share their best secrets - the ones they’ve saved just for you. This is more than a place to vacation and rest. Punta Garrobo is your temple of relaxation and the place where you will rediscover the simple pleasure of just living.